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Built in 1929, this D25 was one of the last New Standard built.  A brief history shows that the airplane was used to ‘smuggle’ Canadian Whiskey  during the prohibition and carried passengers from 1934 to 1941, later to be used as a crop duster until 1964.  The aircraft was sold to the “Flying Lady Museum” in Morgan Hill and was later acquired by Hugh Bikle.

Since the fall of 2006 “The Flying Lady” has undergone a complete restoration to a ‘Better Than New Condition’ by Vintage Wings & Wheels.  She has been returned to service in June of 2014.

Some additional unique features include

FAA field approved Electrical system using a Bendix Eclipse starter and wind generator

FAA field approved Avionics using Becker radio and Sandia transponder

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Custom 450 Stearman – N450SH – “Ol’Harry”

The fuselage was originally renovated by renowned Stearman restorer Harry Halajian with intentions of restoring one more stock Navy Stearman. John Hodgson acquired the fuselage from Harry and consulted with Vintage Wings & Wheels to restore a unique custom 450 Stearman.

The restoration was finished in 2007 by Vintage Wings & Wheels and “Ol’Harry” has received the “Vintage Custom Aircraft Champion award at Oshkosh 2007” and has been awarded “Grand Champion” at the Watsonville Fly-In and Airshow in 2007.

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Travel Air – N3945

This 1926 Curtiss built TravelAir has the original Wright J4 engine installed as well as high pressure tires.

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North American SNJ-5C N4082V

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RYAN PT20 – N14984

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