Facilities and Services

Sheetmetal equipment
T28 A-model
T28 gear swing
Vintage aircraft repair
Custom smoke systems
Grumman Goose Gear Swing
Grumman Goose engine install
Stearman rigging

Working on vintage aircraft requires not only knowledge but also special tools and equipment to allow for the highest quality of maintenance and repair of your vintage airplane.

Combined with Ernie’s experience and knowledge, our facility does feature specialized tools and equipment to assure the highest quality maintenance and repairs of your vintage aircraft.

some of our services include:

  • Annual and Conditional Inspections
  • Metal, Wood and Fabric Work
  • Engine maintenance for Continental W670; Lycoming W680; Pratt & Whitney R985 and R1340; Curtiss Wright J4 and J5 as well as Curtiss Wright R1300 and R1820; Jacobs R-755-9, R-755A and R755B.
  • Avionics installations for Vintage Aircraft
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections and Consultations
  • Custom Smoke Systems
  • Airwolf Filter Distributor
  • Authorized Becker Avionics Dealer
  • Authorized Sigtronics Dealer

Please contact us to further discuss your requirements or if we can answer any additional questions.