Custom 450 Stearman – N450SH – “Ol’Harry”

The fuselage was originally renovated by renowned Stearman restorer Harry Halajian with intentions of restoring one more stock Navy Stearman. John Hodgson acquired the fuselage from Harry and consulted with Vintage Wings & Wheels to restore a unique custom 450 Stearman.

The restoration was finished in 2007 by Vintage Wings & Wheels and “Ol’Harry” has received the “Vintage Custom Aircraft Champion award at Oshkosh 2007” and has been awarded “Grand Champion” at the Watsonville Fly-In and Airshow in 2007.


Some of “Ol’Harry’s” unique features include:

  • New wings using Sitka Spruce, modified for dual ailerons. Aileron interconnect tube and fittings and servo tabs on  lower ailerons
  • Elevators balanced
  • Aluminum wheel pants
  • Turtle deck and headrest for rear cockpit
  • Deep baggage compartment
  • Navigation lights with wing tip and tail strobe lights.
  • Retractable taxi lights – one on each lower wing.
  • R985 power plant
  • BT-13 dishpan behind engine exhaust
  • BT-13 exhaust collector
  • Custom manufactured Induction system
  • Custom manufactured engine controls
  • Beech D18 cowling tapered and ovaled to fit the Stearman firewall with hydro formed cowl bumps
  • Fully functional cowl flaps
  • Relocation of oil tank aft of firewall
  • All wiring secured using wire lacing
  • Battery 24V maintenance free installed below baggage compartment
  • Smoke system including 3.5 gal oil tan on engine mount, with secondary 2 gal tank underneath engine oil tank
  • Covered in ceconite with hidden stitches, paint using Randolph dope
  • Aircraft certified under Normal Acrobatic Category


Travel Air - N3945