Joe Keenan North American T-28B N787AS


“I have owned North American T-28s since 1983. I am on my second. Ernie of Vintage Wings and Wheels has been the only one to repair or do an inspection on my plane, since he went into business.  In 2009 I had an unforeseen in-flight engine failure and was forced to leave the plane at Byron Field after a dead stick landing. Ernie made the necessary trips to Byron to remove the engine and everything firewall forward. After getting a fresh overhauled engine, Ernie took it up to Byron and along with all the other parts and accessories he had rebuilt did a field installation. I was able to fly the plane out. Ernie has never done anything but the finest work with great attention to detail.”

“Keep up your airspeed!”

John Hodgson Stearman N56914 and Stearman N450SH "Ol'Harry"
Byron Roberts Stearman N5321N "Stripes"