RYAN PT20 – N14984


The Ryan PT20 has been used as a military trainer in the 1930’s.  Originally only 30 PT20’s were manufactured.  This aircraft in one of the only 3 PT20’s still flying.  The airplane is powered by a Menasco Super Pirate D4 engine 134 hp for take-off.

Modifications to the aircraft include:

  • Y150 angle drive starter
  • Re-installations of battery, voltage regulator and generator
  • Engine was removed for re-installation of original optional internal starter gears
  • Reassemble all necessary brackets and bell cranks for overhauled magneto advance and retard
  • New cowling fabricated and new spinner installed to replace damaged original spinner
  • Manufacture radio box on right side rear cockpit with original flex conduit and install new Becker avionics
  • Flying and Landing wires all sanded and repainted
  • Entire aircraft re-rigged prior to test flight


North American SNJ-5C N4082V